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  Yes, little Melinda has fallen in love with a young Christian Mexican man.  His name is Celestino and loves the Lord with all his heart and desires to serve him in whatever way he can. He works in the service industry with his own Surfing School. To see his web-site check out Surfconexion.com, he currently is one of 4 people selected to represent Mexico in a large wave surf competition in Puerto Escondido next month; waves that must exceed 6 meters in height and can reach up to 15 meters. So wedding bells are ringing for the end of this year sometime, if you want to come down and celebrate their wedding with us. They have purchased a lot right behind the Zicatela church property less then 4 blocks from the beach and are currently remodelling the little building on it as a future rental bungalow and are looking at building their own house on the back side of the property later.



























   We had a team of 17 men, women and youth come down from Bradford Baptist church (just outside of Toronto) this month who helped us considerably with their labour and offerings for the construction of our classrooms for our Vocational Discipleship Institute and Sunday School department. They also worked on the Sunday School project in the Zicatela church, helped paint the local orphanage, cleaned up some of Puerto's beach accesses and roads and just were a real blessing to our church and the community in general.  Pastor Tim, Jackie and family have been here now for 2 months on a sabbatical and have been a blessing as they planted with us an English speaking service in our Zicatela church.

   When Tim & Jackie leave, the work will be under the leadership of Salvador (English speaking Mexican)  and Teresa (American) pictured above. They are looking forward to the visit of the HCS team under Steve & Gail Smith's leadership, who will be leading the English church services during their stay down here.



Pastor John translating for Pastor Tim Walker



 We are thrilled to see the Vocational Institute coming within reach of its goals and vision of  sowing its students into small businesses before they graduate at the end of the 2nd year. Martha & Josefina from San Pedro have opened up their small restaurant business there and are starting to prosper. Chris and Judith have opened their business this week here in Puerto and Monica and Mari have found a place in Lazaro for their business venture. Gonzala is a partner in all their businesses as the accountant. She, as well, is in charge of the production of the pizzas. They have done this with finances that they have accumulated during their work time at the Institute every afternoon in the Pizza by the Slice business. They're goal is to come to KCC's 25th Anniversary and honour KCC for sowing the seeds of support which made the Institute possible 2 years ago. THANKYOU!



     Angela is doing something new and loving it.  Every Tuesday she goes to the jail in Pochutla (an hour south of Puerto) to minister to the women. There are only 7 women, half of them are accused of murder. In the time that she has gone, the 4 X 3 meters area they have to move around in, has turned from a battleground to a sanctuary where everyday they pray and worship together.   Franko started the ministry to the men 2 years ago and has seen great changes in the men that have given their hearts to the Lord, to the point that the director of the jail has said, "Thank you so much for coming, please don't stop because we have seen such a change in the whole atmosphere of the jail." There are 400 men and last year a special young man was released, Antonio,  who now is in our institute. Antonio's desire is to go back and bring hope to his ex-comrades.      



   Some of our first year students will be going with Pastor Servando and Pastor Felix to Leon which is about 18 hours from here to start a church plant. Servando's brother gave his life to the Lord in Puerto and God has laid on his heart to start a church under our covering up there.  Pray for them on their trip as they will be funding this trip through sales of yogurt and fruit cups which they will sell every morning for about 4 hours, which will give them many opportunities to make contact with the local people and invite them to the church connect groups as well as cover their expenses.



  Also pray for Silvio who we've asked to consider opening a branch church in the Parrota subdivision of Puerto Escondido and Pastor Servando who will be opening a branch church up in the Lazaro subdivision as well. These works will be starting as connect groups and be allowed to grow into a full church body of believers.

  Silvio and Ana have been with us for over 14 years. They were discipled and married by us and have had their 3 children under our ministry. They have been involved in many aspects of the work here including teaching Sunday School, major drama outreach projects reaching over 15,000 people, youth leadership, leading the worship team, leading the marriage encounters and sharing in the church services.




John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

A big thank you to all of you who have watered and nourished this seed and a special thanks to Pastor David and Carleen Kalamen and the KCC Missions Board for their continued prophetic and  inspriational support that they are to all of us in the Mexican body of believers of KCC.



 May God richly bless you

Love John & Angela, Joshua & Melinda Nickel

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico